We won the first prize for our Sunman lightweight solar panels at the Roofing / Solar / Wood trade fair in Prague

We have just finished the second event of this year's 2024 series of trade fairs, during which we meet you and introduce you to new developments in solar technology. In mid-February we were in Prague. We met a number of new customers, but also were able to introduce thousands of members of the public to the possibilities of equipping their new PV plant.

A nice bonus for us was the announcement of the results of the "Golden Roof Tile" competition, which awards the best exhibits of the fair.

As the organizers themselves say: " The aim of the competition is to highlight exhibits that bring progress, set the trend in their field, have an interesting technical solution, an unconventional idea, offer exceptional quality at an affordable price, are interesting from an ecological point of view...." We are all the more appreciative that the Golden Roof Tile was awarded to nanosun for the Sunman SMF430F lightweight flexible panel. The panel does not contain glass and therefore weighs only 7.2 kg, making it 70% lighter than conventional panels. Therefore, it can be used on roofs where conventional panels cannot be used. Even owners who do not want to drill holes in their roofs will be delighted. The light and thin SUNMAN is only glued to the substrate. Even on uneven surfaces. SUNMAN is flexible.

We are very pleased to be able to offer our clients not only this amazing model but many more products at unbeatable prices.