Sustainable Tourism - Smartflower Supplied by nanosun Powers Boats on Vltava River

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On May 22, 2024, the Vltava River in Prague witnessed the unveiling of a new and innovative attraction – the Smartflower solar power plant, brought to you by nanosun, the official distributor of top-tier solar panels. This flower-shaped marvel is not just an artistic addition to the landscape but a functional powerhouse, providing clean energy to boats on the popular tourist route.

The Smartflower, which captured the attention of crowds and TV cameras alike, symbolizes a significant step towards sustainable energy solutions. As it made its way to the Prague embankment, spectators were mesmerized by its unique design and capabilities. This innovative solar power plant not only promotes environmental consciousness but also enhances the experience for tourists and boat owners, promising many happy miles powered by clean, renewable energy.

nanosun is proud to have the Smartflower to its family and looks forward to seeing it contribute to a greener future. We wish all tourists and the new owner many enjoyable and sustainable journeys along the Vltava River.

For more information on nanosun and the Smartflower, visit our website, follow our social media channels or purchase a Smartflower directly on our e-shop.