nanosun partners with Sofarsolar

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nanosun is delighted to announce adding Sofarsolar products to its portfolio. Thanks to this new cooperation, nanosun will offer Sofarsolar’s hybrid and string inverters along with residential batteries to the European market. Sofarsolar is the world's leading supplier of inverters and battery storage systems. Their commitment to play a leading role in supplying the PV market with a wide range of the best quality products is clearly presented through their product portfolio.

Currently available products in our warehouse

We are offering 10kW hybrid inverters (asymmetric load-balancing) and 5kWh batteries as a bundle for residential use. For commercial projects, we have 50kW string inverters and a bundle in which two such inverters can be clubbed together to allow a 100kW solution. More about the products can be found on our online Marketplace

Top reasons to chose Sofarsolar

  • Since 2013 Sofarsolar has shipped over 1 million inverters worldwide. In residential category they are already No.1 in Poland and Italy, and Top 3 in Europe.
  • CATL (the biggest battery maker) invested heavily in Sofarsolar and Sofarsolar is using CATL cell in their battery storage system. CATL is also used in Teslas.
  • Their big advantage is excellent support - exchange for claimed goods immediately within 48 hours.

Get in touch with one of our sales agents for a concrete offer for the available goods. Also, feel free to ask for other Sofarsolar’s products which are not listed here. We will strive our best to serve our customers.