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We were given the opportunity to be part of a TV nova news show. We were covering the innovative technologies we presented at the Intersolar trade fair in Munich. We would like to invite you to watch this session on our YouTube channel. We are really grateful for this great opportunity to bring hot news from our industry to almost half a million viewers.

The Munich solar trade fair Intersolar is one of the most important events in the renewable energy sector, attracting renowned experts and companies from all over the world every year. It is an exceptional event that serves as a platform for the presentation of new technologies and innovations in the solar industry.

Participating in this trade fair has enabled us to showcase our latest solar panels, solar batteries and other innovative products that contribute to the use of solar energy in homes and industry. We humbly shared our knowledge and answered questions from visitors to contribute to their better understanding of the solar energy industry. We also emphasized our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our products provide an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional energy sources and help reduce CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency.

In a Nova TV report, we described to the public a technical innovation among solar panels that will enable those who do not have a roof with the necessary load capacity or roofing suitable for conventional panels to have a solar power plant on their house. Sunman's innovative products offer extra lightweight panels weighing just 7.2 kg, which are fixed by gluing without disturbing the roof covering and are flexible. Our company presented them in a unique arch-shaped installation. Our trade fair installation is for demonstration purposes only, it is not an official construction. But it demonstrates what the panels can do and shows them from all sides at the same time.

Thanks to Nova TV's interest in informing the public about advances in solar technology, we had the opportunity to share our mission and benefits with the general public. We are grateful to have been able to be a part of this coverage and contribute to making people more aware of the possibilities of solar energy.