Sermatec Energy Technology Co. Ltd. is a Shanghai-based company which was founded in 2017. It is a leading manufacturer of energy storage products and a data service provider for energy storage systems. In the past 5 years, despite covid lockdowns and supply-chain disruptions, Sermatec has rapidly grown its presence in over 30 countries, securing a Series-A funding of over a billion Yuan in August 2021. This rapid expansion has been made possible by their core RnD team of over 160+ national and international researchers of whom more than 70% have over 10 years of experience in power, electronics and batteries.

Sermantec - SMT-10K-TL-TH


Hybrid 10kW Triple Phase Inverters
Superior performance
  • High efficiency (upto 97.8%)
  • Wide PV voltage range for higher PV yields
  • Faster/Charging and discharging
Flexible application
  • Supports full unbalanced between dual MPPT
  • Multiple settable and customizable working modes
  • Supports parallel inverter configuration
Greater Safety
  • Accurate heat control guarantees longer lifetime
  • Comprehensive hardware and software protection
  • Lightweight and compact. Strong impact resistance
Smart Management
  • Touch-free operation via APP
  • Free remote monitoring, configuration and upgradation
  • Built-in Wifi, optional GPRS
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