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Many people associate crypto mining mainly with its negative impact on the environment. Did you know that many miners use renewable sources of energy, including solar panels? This makes crypto mining more ecological.

How does crypto mining work?

Crypto mining has a bad reputation. People often think that mining crypto consumes way too much electricity. The powerful computers used for mining do need quite a bit of energy to operate. It’s not only for bitcoin mining though, it’s the same for all the other ‘coins’. Until recently, most bitcoin mining occurred in China where they used the energy from coal-fired power plants. As humankind, we of course try to avoid and reduce this type of mining and the carbon footprint associated with it as much as possible.

Renewable sources of energy for crypto mining

When it comes to crypto mining, there is no need to have any concerns about the environment. What you may not know is that crypto miners are currently using renewable energy sources, so-called green mining. Research conducted by Cambridge University showed that over 75% of miners are using renewable energy sources to mine crypto. The most common renewable sources used are hydro, solar, and wind energy.

Crypto miners prove today and every day that the concerns about the impact of crypto mining on global warming are not entirely justified. On the contrary, the miners themselves are trying to help combat climate change with their innovative use of renewable sources.

Green mining using solar panels?

Generating energy with solar panels has a catch: it relies on sunshine. It’s still useful and convenient for crypto mining in a lot of places. If a solar plant generates too much energy, it is stored in batteries. The miner can use the stored energy during cloudy weather or in the case of excess energy consumption. Because of the batteries, the energy obtained from sunshine is not ‘thrown away’ but is stored for later.

Solar panels from Nanosun

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