Nanosun offers you manufactures from the Tier-1 Solar Panels List

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Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), a leading analytical company, publishes a list of the most reliable solar panel manufacturers every quarter, which it marks with a TIER 1 certificate. In the first quarter of 2021, manufacturers LONGi, Canadian Solar, JA Solar, Trina Solar were at the top of this list. Nanosun offers you products from all of them.


Bloomberg New Energy Finance's quarterly analysis selects the best photovoltaic panels with regard to their solvency, i.e. financial stability and the company's success. This analysis provides an overview of stable and reliable solar panel manufacturers that meet the defined criteria.

BNEF monitors large solar projects around the world that have received bank investments and examines their creditworthiness, their marketing tactics and bank credibility.

BNEF defines a TIER 1 certificate for photovoltaic panel manufacturers as follows:

"Manufacturers of TIER 1 modules are manufacturers that, within the last two years, provided own-brand and in-house products for six different projects that were financed without penalty by six different banks."

Within the complete analysis, these are companies that:

  • have a capacity higher than 1.5 GW.
  • all information about the manufacturer is fully transparent
  • have no financial problems, such as bankruptcy, insolvency or bond prosecution.
  • cooperate with at least six banks.

Nanosun cooperates with the best solar panels manufacturers

The TIER 1 certificate provides a clear view of the financial responsibility and stability of manufacturers. That is why we are very pleased that the BNEF's analysis confirms our choice of reliable suppliers.

According to BNEF, it is important to consider other aspects when choosing solar panels, such as technology, production capacity, development, price, service and support. Nanosun considers all these factors and provides its clients with the best products that can be found on the market.

Solar panels that play the first league

In addition to newly awarded solar panels from LONGi, JA Solar, Trina Solar and Canadian Solar, we also offer products from Sungrow, Huawei, SMA, Smartflower, solar edge, SOLARWATT, Avancis, JinKo Solar and LARX. We have selected all products with regard to their first-class qualities. It is also worth mentioning that in addition to the list of the most reliable manufacturers, our suppliers also occupied important positions in the Silicon Module Super League, the so-called "big six" suppliers of crystalline silicon modules. These include Canadian Solar, JA Solar, Jinko Solar, Trina Solar, LONGi.

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