nanosun is among the 250 fastest growing companies in Europe. Thank you!

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Nanosun is among the 250 fastest growing companies in Europe. Thank you!

Dear partners and friends. Mainly thanks to God’s blessing perfect cooperation with you and joint efforts to develop and expand nature-respecting technologies, our company built on basic Christian values is developing very quickly. So, that it was recently placed high in the ranking of the fastest growing European companies FT 1000.

231st place from the TOP 1000 all-European list! This is a huge achievement for which we owe to our customers and partners, the hard work of our team, but most of all praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for the success we have achieved!

In our specialization, i.e. in the photovoltaic industry, we are even on the 11th place overall. In Central Europe, nanosun took 4th place. And at home in the Czech Republic, we are the first in the PV field. You, our clients, are thanks to God still increasing.

It is a big commitment for us. We know that you, our partners and customers are also behind our every success. Our team strives not only to fulfill obligations flawlessly, but also to provide you with the benefit of a very friendly and welcoming environment.

There is still room for improvement. That is why we still want to meet you personally at a number of trade fairs and business meetings.

We are also preparing a lot of news, new services and expanding the offer with the latest TOP solar technologies. We will introduce them all to you on our website, in newsletters and on social networks.

Once again, thank you very much for your patronage. We wish that our joint steps lead to a more peaceful time, and we can continue to participate in the development of technologies that protect nature and help preserve a healthy environment for future generations. May God bless you, your families and companies in the name of Jesus Christ.