nanosun at the meeting of the Working Group on Small Sources and Storage

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Today, we had the opportunity to present nanosun, a Czech distributor with a wide portfolio of components and products, at the Solární asociace (Czech Solar Association) conference, which brings together over 600 institutions, companies and individuals involved in the photovoltaic industry. The meeting took place at 1 pm in Prague and the main topics were phase measurement, fire safety and the most common faults and problems with the connection of production plants. The meeting of experts was led by Pavel Hrzina, head of the working group. Our colleague Martin Navrátil talked about our hybrid solution options for industrial and commercial installations. Among other things, he introduced Solinteg and its 50KW hybrid inverter, which meets the requirements of the Czech market. Next to it, he also informed about the advantages of residential solutions from brands such as Sofar, Solinteg or Sermatec.

Similar meetings are an opportunity for us to exchange experiences, consult on optimal solutions and establish new working relationships in the field of solar technology. We are very pleased that we can also contribute in this way to the portfolio of industry information, share our knowledge with others and thus contribute to the development of the industry.

Today's meeting was also very beneficial for us and more will follow. If you haven't attended one like this before, we encourage you to sign up! You can always look forward to presentations by top experts who will introduce you to the latest trends and news in the field and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to the next time! You can register directly on the Solární asociace website