First nanosun clients certified to install innovative SUNMAN panels

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It's here! In cooperation with SUNMAN, our company has launched a series of training courses for our clients, who will then be able to professionally install the new unique SUNMAN lightweight solar panels. Under the guidance of certified trainers from Germany, the first representatives from 17 companies have experienced the installation on two types of roofs. A flat, low-load roof with PVC foil covering in Prague and a pitched roof with metal sheeting in Krásná Lípa (city in the Czech Republic). These two roofs in particular were not suitable for the use of conventional panels for structural reasons. With ultralight panels, however, the installation of FTV is possible here as well. SUNMAN brings an innovative product that weighs only 7.2 kilograms and can be glued to pitched roofs up to 45 degrees, all without disturbing the roofing surface or putting a heavy load on the roof.

At the training, the representatives of the companies saw for themselves that the installation is very simple and quick (on the reference house in Prague Hloubětín, it took only two hours to glue 12 panels and our colleague Michela helped with carrying the panel onto the roof without any problems). The advantage is also the simplification of logistics. Super thin and light panels do not require difficult transport.

Because the manufacturer guarantees top quality, it requires special training for installers, culminating in a certificate. This is what nanosun is now beginning to provide to our clients.

It is possible to register for the next course with our technical specialist and sales manager, Jan Böhme, PhD ( The training, which culminates in a certificate, takes approximately 4 hours.

If you are interested in seeing what a power plant equipped with SUNMAN super lightweight panels looks like in practice, you can also make an appointment with him to visit one of the two reference buildings mentioned above and see everything in real life.

We look forward to seeing you there!