Check out the latest offer of innovative installation material from Antaisolar and nanosun s.r.o.!

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Get both a parking space and a source of solar power? Or to choose the ideal mounting of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the house? No problem!

Check out the latest offer of innovative installation material from Antaisolar and nanosun s.r.o.!

We are proud to offer you the unique Antaisolar photovoltaic panel installation solution. They are a world leading manufacturer of reliable and innovative PV installation systems and trackers with almost 20 years of history and the advantage of their own extensive research and development department. As a result, Antaisolar's products are highly efficient and the company is, for example, the number one in export volume to Japan and other countries.


The range of nanosuns includes:

Roof mounts - There is something for everyone in our range. We have brackets for three types of roofs.

Flat concrete roofs For panels placed on these roof structures, there are brackets with ballast. Special concrete blocks ensure safe and convenient positioning and fixing of the panels. The assembly is very stable on the roof and does not interfere in any way with the surface and therefore the roof insulation.

Roofs made of clay and concrete tiles For this type of roof we offer special brackets with hooks. These are inserted under the roof tiles. A rail is then attached to the hooks to hold the solar panels securely in place. This achieves a perfect and secure fixing of the solar technology without interfering with the mass of the roofing material itself.

Metal roofs Special short rails have been developed for fixing solar panels to a metal roof. These fix the panels to the roofing using special clamps.

Carports - In this category, you will find several types of assemblies in the nanosun range.

Carports for family houses - you can choose between a variant of the kit for 2 or 4 vehicles.

Commercial carports - the standard variant offers a carport size for 5 vehicles. We offer an EXTENSION KIT which allows you to increase the capacity of the shelter by an additional vehicle. The unique system is very simple, it works similarly to a kit.

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