BYD battery box – the battery of your dreams

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Photovoltaics are becoming more accessible and represent a reliable way of achieving a certain level of energy self-sufficiency. To reach the full potential, it is advisable to combine the photovoltaic system with a battery system. It significantly reduces grid overflows, which improves the economics of operation of the entire photovoltaic system. Read about which features BYS batteries have and what makes them better than other batteries.

With appropriately chosen accumulators and batteries, the robustly designed photovoltaic system can operate in a backup mode during the summer months – meaning you do not need any energy supply from the distribution grid. Even if you’re only thinking about getting solar panels, batteries can still be useful.

When combined with a compatible inverter (converter), they ensure a continuous supply of energy even during outages and grid failures. They are ideal if you have multiple tariff subscriptions – it is possible to charge the batteries up to full capacity at a low tariff and then use the stored energy at a time of a high tariff.

BYD or Build Your Dream

One of the biggest manufacturers of safe lithium batteries is the BYD company (Build Your Dream). BYD has a successful track record of more than 25 years in the global market. The company currently has over 220,000 employees and apart from the automotive industry, railway transport and electronics, it also focuses on the production of battery systems. Lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) is used in the production, which ensures better safety and stability of the batteries.

HVM and HVS battery systems

The HV range of the BYD batteries indicates that they are High Voltage products. The basic HVS module has the rated voltage of 102 V and a max. output current of 25 A, while the HVM module has half the rated voltage (51 V) but twice the max. output current (up to 50 A). Because of the variety of the modules, you will find a compatible inverter easily – the manufacturer ensures compatibility with SMA, Goodwe, Sungrow, Fronius, Karo, Kostal and Solis inverters.

To increase the voltage, the modules are connected in series, from a minimum of 200 V (2' HVS modules) to a maximum of 5 modules. HVM requires at least 3´ 50 V modules (150 V) and goes up to a maximum of 8 modules. Unfortunately, both kinds of batteries cannot be used at the same time. The battery system requires a battery monitoring unit (BMU) for management and control of the individual modules and for communication with the compatible inverter.

Key features of HVS and HVM

As we previously mentioned, these are lithium-iron-phosphate batteries (LFP), they do not contain any cobalt. This unique composition guarantees maximum safety, durability, and performance. Another unique advantage of BYD batteries is system scalability, which allows maximum flexibility. What other key features are worth mentioning?

  • high performance emergency backup
  • efficiency of 96,5%, due to high voltage serial connection
  • two different basic modules that cater to systems of different sizes
  • 10-year guarantee of up to 60% of retained capacity
  • IP55 degree of protection – also suitable for protected outdoor areas

From experience

According to the results of a large battery comparison test done by an independent review site Solarquotes, the BYD batteries (specifically the Battery Box Premium HVM 11.0) ranked an amazing 14th place out of 67 subjects. The decisive factor was the price of 1 kWh for one charging cycle per day. However, the best test result was only two tenths worse than the result of the Battery Box Premium HVM 11.0. On the other hand, the worst test result exceeded the values of the previously mentioned BYD battery by almost five times.

According to the user reviews, BYD batteries are relatively quiet. The internal fans only turn on when the solar panels are generating a higher amount of energy.

Your batteries also come with the monitoring system Fronius. It is easy to use and displays all the necessary information (solar panel status, battery usage, power supply). Another software is also available, you can easily connect it to your inverters and display all the system parameters in real time.

Reach out to us we are happy to discuss a custom configuration of the BYD batteries to fit your needs.