Hisense Group is a well-known large-scale electronic information industry group company. Hisense’s industrial pattern covers multimedia, home appliances, IT intelligent information systems and modern real estate. Based on technology and focusing on innovation-oriented culture, its scientific and efficient technological innovation system makes Hisense always be at the forefront of its counterparts.


Founded in 1969 as a radio factory


In the Chinese Global Brand Builders 2022


Steady compound growth rate over the past 10 years

Image: Monobloc (left), Split (top) and Integra (right) Series of 4 - 16 kW Heat Pumps

Image: Monobloc (left), Split (top) and Integra (right) Series of 4 - 16 kW Heat Pumps

Hisense HVAC was established in 2003. It integrates technology development for commercial and residential central air conditioners, product manufacturing, marketing and service as a whole. With the unremitting pursuit of professionalism and user comfort, Hisense HVAC is committed to becoming the market leader in the industry.

High Efficiency A+++

Hi-Therma offers the best and most efficient solution for home heating and hot water supply. It has a top class A+++ energy classification under the low-temperature water condition, and A+++ under the mid-temperature water condition, which ensures you make savings on your energy bills, reducing electricity consumption and the impact on the environment.

Wide Operation Range

Stable operation is guaranteed, even with outdoor temperatures as low as -25℃, effectively satisfying the heating demand in extremely cold areas. It can generate up to 60℃ leaving water from the indoor unit. Besides, the operation range of DHW is extended to 40℃, and the water inside the water tank can achieve max.75℃ with an electric heater, enabling effective sterilization.

Reliable and Consistent Warmth

Experience consistent and stable warmth with Hi-Therma split units, compensating for aging pipeline and radiator heat loss with a maximum outlet water temperature of 65℃. Even at low outdoor temperatures, the units can reach up to a 100% heating capacity, guaranteeing an exceptional heating performance.

Smart App Control

Through the smart app, users can easily control the Hi-Therma system to control room temperature anytime, anywhere.

Up to 7 Rooms with Independent Temperature Control

In one Hi-Therma system, the temperature of up to 7 rooms can be independently controlled through installing temperature sensors or room-thermostats in the rooms, satisfying the diverse needs of users.

Interlock with 3rd Party Heat Source

The Hi-Therma system can interlock with a 3rd party heat source, like the solar thermal or the boiler which can work as an auxiliary heat source. Thanks to the interlock design, both the user experience and energy efficiency can be optimized.